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Tips of Dust Control on Construction Sites

Dust becomes something inevitable in a construction site. There will always be dust in the air and it can be quite annoying. It may block the vision and even it may make breathing harder. That is why it is necessary to know how find best way of dust control on construction sites. Although it is normal to happen, it does not mean that the dust should be ignored. Its impact is not only on the workers in the construction site, but the impact may also affect the surrounding area, especially when there are houses and residents around the site. In this case, there are some tips to control the dusts.

Setting Barrier or Wall

One of the tips is to set barrier or wall. The barrier or wall can be built in certain height so whenever the wind blows, the dust will not be blown away by the wind. By doing so, circulation of dust will be isolated in the area of construction site. This can be good solution to prevent the dust to affect the area around the construction site. Of course, building the barrier or wall should be prepared well. It is not just the matter of height, but it should also consider the direction of the wind.

Using Dust Control Machine

Impact of dust in the area around the construction site can be solved by having barrier or wall. It can be temporary wall so once the construction is completed, it will not be hard to remove the wall. Then, the next problem is the dust in the area of construction site. When it is during rainy season, it may not be big problem. Rain can make stop the airborne of the dust. However, it will be different when there is no rain. As the solution, it is possible to get the dust control solution from MobyDick. This is great brand that can provide best solution to handle the dust. Its dust control technology will spread and throw water droplets into the air so dust will not be big problem anymore.