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The Right Vehicle Types for Towing RVs

More people are looking for adventure through the thrilling world of RV camping. Buying a camper can be a great way to grab a quick and fun vacation without having to worry about hotel accommodations or being too far off the grid. Be sure to adequately investigate what type of camper you want and the right vehicle to pull it. Here are a few options.


Still a favorite among American car owners, SUVs are usually reserved for pulling campers of the lightweight variety. Regardless of which make and model you choose to tow your trailer, ensure that the SUV has substantial power and is rated for the load. Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada, and the Chevy Tahoe are some choices that offer a good balance of power, control, and towing capacity.


Who would have thought it? The humble minivan, a staple of large families and small business owners everywhere, can handle certain RVs as well. Don’t expect to pull a sizeable trailer. Still, popular offerings like the Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna can tow just as well as some SUVs and are terrific options for a weekend trip. Check your owner’s manual to see its respective capacity. Recognize the strain that towing will inevitably put on your vehicle and expect some extra wear and tear on your van as a result. Be ready to look to auto parts Apopka for inexpensive parts when the time comes.

Pickup Trucks

This one probably goes without saying, right? The all-American workhorse that speaks to people of every class is undoubtedly built to do the duty of getting your rig out to your favorite spot. As with the previous options, never presume that your truck can handle a travel trailer or fifth wheel without checking the specs. It’s hard to go wrong picking the right truck from familiar names like Dodge, Chevy, and Ford.

Nothing more stands between you and adventure than picking the right vehicle and camper and getting out there. Find your match and get on the open road!